Mark Alford is a devoted husband, a loving father, and the proud representative of Missouri’s Fourth Congressional District in Congress. Prior to his service in Congress, for 25 years Mark was the lead anchor on the #1 morning news show in Kansas City, serving as the voice of influence and inspiration to millions of people across Missouri.

Through his time covering Missouri’s top news stories, he was able to connect with countless Missouri families and gain insight into the issues that mattered most to them and the struggles they faced.

While Mark loved the connection he felt with those families, this role also gave him a firsthand view of bias in the media, and the restrictions that bias placed on his ability to speak out against the radical, woke, liberal ideologies that constantly threaten to attack and undermine our country’s founding principles and conservative values.

Growing frustrated with these restrictions and his inability to use his voice to message against the attacks from the radical left, Mark felt called to do more. He could not stand idly by while the nation he loved spiraled toward destruction and despair.

After thoughtful prayer, Mark realized his calling was no longer to use his voice to cover the problems facing our communities, it was to serve as YOUR voice in Washington and to take action to solve the problems plaguing our great nation.

He pledged to God that he would be the loudest, strongest, most unwavering conservative voice for rural Missouri values that the State of Missouri has ever seen, and, thanks to the voters of the Fourth Congressional District, he is now serving as that voice in Congress – magnifying Missouri voices and values every day in Washington, DC.