Press ReleaseFormer Local Fox News Anchor Announces Candidacy for Missouri’s 4th Congressional District

October 27, 2021


Harrisonville, Missouri – October 27, 2021

Today Mark Alford (R) announced via video that he is running for U.S. Congress in the 4th Congressional District of Missouri, covering Cass and 23 other counties (pending Congressional redistricting).

Incumbent Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (R) is currently running for U.S. Senate after Senator Roy Blunt (R) announced his retirement earlier this year.

“We stand at a critical juncture in the history of our precious nation. The choices and decisions we will soon make will determine what kind of nation we will be,” Alford says. “Woke and broke or stable and able; over-taxed or under God; a nation of law-and-order or a nation of chaos and disorder.”

Alford has more than three decades of experience as a professional communicator. For the last 23 years, he has anchored the #1 rated morning show in Kansas City for WDAF-TV, a Fox-affiliated television station. He has played a vital role by keeping his viewers informed, influenced, and inspired during his 23,000 hours on TV. His goal is to take that experience to Washington to ensure that Missouri has the strongest voice in Congress.

“Right now, some of the loudest Missouri voices in Washington, and the mainstream media, are from the far-left,” Alford says. “The progressive liberals who only see the worst in America. I see the best, the best in law enforcement, the best in our communities, the best in our farms, our businesses, our churches, and really the best in you, the people of this great State of Missouri.”

Alford is a TRUE conservative who is 100% pro-life and pro 2nd Amendment. Alford fully supports law enforcement, small business, farmers, and parents who want to have a say in their child’s education.

“It’s time we stand up and take America back,” Alford says.

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